Update 3/25/07
Here are some new pictures of Malcolm. He is doing wonderful, and is so happy. He weights 65 pounds now, and had a vet appointment and his doc said he is doing great. Very Healthy!!!! He loves to sit in front of the sliding glass window (in the second pic) and watch the squirrels. He also love to play in the snow, it is so funny to watch.
I told him you both said hi!
Just touching base to let you know Malcolm is fantastic, we decided to keep his name. He is wonderful, loving and funny as anything. Everyone loves him, and he loves everyone.
I am very happy to have found him. Thanks for all of your help.
Have a wonderful holiday,
~Donna, Sean and Malcolm


Ginger’s doing great, everyone loves her, she is now fully vaccinated and trained on the invisible fence.  She is a very fast learner, and loves to play ball and jump in the ivy on the stone wall.  We are still working on house manners and not jumping, but once she gets her wiggles out she calms nicely.  The boys, ages 6 & 3, adore her.  Monty, our resident Maine Coon, is tolerant except at mealtimes.  Ginger is curious about the cat, wants to play, but backs down nicely when Monty declares playtime is over.  Ginger is still timid & shy going outside at night, they must’ve had a tough time when she & her littermates were abandoned.  Pictures to follow soon.

Thank you, Pet Matchmaker, for this lovely, lovable addition to our family!

Patti Palmer & Family

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