Dear Pet MatchMaker,

I am so happy to let you know Swazey -a beautiful and happy Gordon Setter/Lab mix has joined our family in Lexington,MA. Our old and cancer sick dog for 10 years passed over the Rainbow Bridge early November. The house and family all missed having a dog and so began a search looking for a nice new dog.As we only were interested in giving a deserving older dog a home (as we did in the past )we found Petmatchmaker. I saw the pictures and read the story of Swazey-and knew he was the one! Emailed his Foster mom, and got to know a few more good details about him. We met and decided on the spot to adopt him -and it is a joy having him .We take 2 daily long walks in the neighborhood and woods ,and yesterday my husband and kids built a 150 by 150 by 150 feet enclosed “dog off the leash run” in front of our living room window. I am teaching him to heel and sit as well as greeting people nicely-and he is a fast learner! My 2 cats and birds all get along -the kitties and us get lots of wet dog kisses!

Thank you so much, Kirsten