Fireworks Booth Fundraiser

You may ask…

Why possibly consider selling fireworks
when so many dogs dislike the noise?

Here’s our take on the whole situation. Regardless of whether WE have a booth, people are going to buy fireworks- so I have the “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” mentality here… with a twist:

We will be handing out “how to keep your dog safe on July 4th” fliers as well as educating people on proper safety measures to keep their animals sane for the days surrounding the 4th, with every purchase. Hopefully we can get the message across to enough people to put their animals INSIDE with music playing and of course the AC blasting . And of course TAGS TAGS TAGS on their pets. That is our goal… less animals in the shelter this 4th by educating! And make some money for the critters in the process.

We are still looking for volunteers to cover shifts to make this fireworks booth fundraiser successful! If you haven’t done so already, please sign up at the link below! We definitely will need people beyond the sign ups but the sign ups are the bare MINIMUM we can work with to make the booth run smoothly! Booth workers MUST be 18 years plus, but anyone not old enough still has many very important jobs available! We still need people to hold signs and make our booth visible along the streets. We have an AWESOME spot, so let’s make sure we really take advantage of that!

BOOTH LOCATION: our booth will be located on Calloway and Rosedale Hwy next to Freddy’s Frozen Custard – where the new Studio Movie Grille will be, also the Five Guys Burgers and Jay’s Place.

We are now selling Presale tickets for the booth. Vouchers are $20/each toward purchase of fireworks and for every $40 of Presale purchased, supporters will receive a raffle ticket toward our prize of a $500 BIG BANG fireworks collection. That’s right, A FREE $500 package just for buying your fireworks at our booth!!! We will be raffling it off on Tuesday, July 4th at 2pm.

Please message us if you would like to purchase Presale vouchers! Thanks and please continue to spread the word!!

Here is the link to sign up to work the booth! If you can’t commit to a full shift let us know we can work with your schedule!

Sign Up Here!


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