Wyatt aka Butch

My husband and I are having so much fun with Wyatt. AKA “Butch”. We have had a lot of complements about how well behaved he is. He is such a social butterfly. I think that puppy school has brought out the best in him. He is a wonderful addition to our family and every time we visit our extended family he is always a delightful guest. Now that the weather is nice, Wyatt has really allowed us to enjoy the outdoors. We have started with short hiking trails and the beach. At the lake and ocean he is playful, but notorious for watching other dogs swim to fetch the stick. We are working on getting him to take the plunge and learn to swim. Maybe this summer when it gets hot he will come in the water if we are in there too!! Outside, he is an energetic puppy and indoors he loves to relax and cuddle. We brought him home on March 15th (he was about 10wks old) and he has been with us for 9wks. At 19 wks he is starting to loose his baby teeth and growing so fast. When we got him he was about 11lbs and now his about 35lbs. We really lucked out with him!! He is a wonderful dog and I am so glad that we adopted him.

Thank You. Shannon and Chris

These picture was take when he was 17wks old. He is so cute.


-I also wanted to say hello to (Sundance) Sunny’s family. I hope that you
are enjoying the new house. I hope that all is well.
-I hope that tiger is doing also doing well.

Cody aka Booth

I just wanted to update you on Cody (Booth). He is doing great!! He has had a wonderful recovery from the pneumonia. He is back to normal, running around, playing with his toys, etc. He loves his home! He is such a good dog. We are so happy to have him!!
Thanks for all your help!!
Stacey Oliver
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