Sunnie is doing great, she know knows all the neighborhood dogs and has all kinds of friends. She loves to be with other dogs, there are cats too and she doesn’t seem to care. We live at the end of a dead end street, while the kids play, the dogs play with too. Sunnie is the youngest but she is so funny, she jumps right on top and keeps going. When we go home she sleeps for like three hours. She went to the vet yesterday for her second lime booster (name?). Kev needed to pick a birthday for her, they said, because of her teeth not showing any signs of being loose, she could not be any older than 14 weeks, so they counted back 14 weeks from yesterday and gave her 11/9…that is Kevin’s birthday too! We were thinking she was so smart/good and everything else for 17/18 weeks…now we really think she is super good if she is only 14 weeks 🙂 I would have to say she knows her place at night, that would be Trevor’s bed. Last week Trevor got up and came in our bed, she began barking…it looked like she wanted Hunter to come down from the top bunk, I laid down with her and she laid down and went back to sleep. She is so good, I truly can’t believe how well it is going. Last week while driving my friend to pick up her car, a rock hit under my van, I heard it and didn’t think much of it. While I was waiting for her to check out, Sunnie kept barking so I took her out to go the bathroom. When I opened the door there was a big puddle growing from under my van. The guy said I would have seized my engine if I got back on the highway!!!! She saved the day 🙂 Well I have to go for now they all want to go play out in the white stuff!!



We have been really enjoying him. He really likes the outdoors. I’ve attached some pictures of him, too.
I already have older dogs lined up to play with him after he is done with his puppy shots. He shouldn’t want for doggy friends.
Thanks for all you did for him.
Theresa and John Gregal
Westerly, RI


Things are going much better here. I dont think I could have asked for a better dog- she is such a little love bug- she still has her little quirks but she is working them out. She is getting more sociable with males – she loves Shaun now, she will go anywhere with him but of course I am still her favorite 🙂 She has been listening to commands very well. We took her to the local dog park yesterday I think she may have thought she was in doggie heaven. She was sooooo good- never went out of our sight and always came running when we called her. I have attached some pics from our field trip. We have a beach directly behind our house and today was our first real nice day in awhile so we decided we would take her for a run down there- she went full speed into the ocean right upto her neck then proceeded to roll around in the sand. We have taken her to get baths but tonight was our first wash- defintely leave that to the professionals 🙂 We bought her a bed but she only pretends to like it- as soon as we fall asleep she is in our bed 🙂 We gave up on the crate training – we agreed it really wasnt necessary- she is well behaved when we are not home during the day. I think she likes to secretly play with toys- we have a few different balls that we find in different places when we come home 🙂 We also have noticed her great intrigue in squirrles we bought her a squirrel toy which moves sporadically around hte house. She also has found a great hiding spot for her bones… under Shauns pillow (I think it is hillarious 🙂
Can’t wait till we buy a house down the road so we can get her some companions 🙂
Take care
Kristin and Shaun


Mahkayla is beautiful. I am including a few ‘new’ photos of her below. We recently picked up some kittens and their mother off of the street. We got them cleaned up and adopted. Mahkayla was absolutely nuts for one of the boys (which we named Michael)…so much so that we almost kept him. However, as we already have a full house, we felt it would be wrong to the guys to bring on another family member.

The first two photographs are of Mahkayla and Michael. The last photo is a shot that I took of her while hiking in Inwood Hill Park. Chanthee and I like to hike with her – and get some of that energy out. The nice thing about the Daylight Savings is that we have now gone out three days in a row up into the Hills. You would never guess you are in Manhattan…now if only the ground would harden up. 🙂

Take care,


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