Hunter (aka Apollo)

Hi there,
     Apollo has had his third shots and rabbies vacines. The vet would like him to come back in one month for a follow up visit. Apollo is the same laid back happy dog he was with you. He has learn to go potty outdoors and has 3 cats as room mates along with Shasta who is almost 14 years old. He visits my Mother in Law and the other residents at the Care facility and is happy to go up and give them a chance to pet him. I have had many people wonder what kind of dog he is. They can not believe he is a mutt. He has learned to walk next to met without pulling. Has graduated from needing to be in a crate at night and sleeps next to my bed. Next week we are going to the snow, his first vacation trip.  But tomarrow  I’m taking him to the hospital where my Mother in Law needs to have some test done. He will be certified in 8 months once he has lived with me for 6 months and is 1 year old. He does know how to bark but has figured out that not something to do in my house for no reason at all. Matthew’s piano teacher loves him, Apollo gets to lay down next to a grand piao while Matthew plays away, he falls asleep. He is such an easy dog so far. I hope he starts to like the jogs and walks I take him on . . . he does not mind them but is happy to come home and sleep. Until next time   

Twinkie (aka Macy)

i just wanted to tell you how happy we are with twinkie.she fits perfectly with our family.
she thinks shes a human, she sleeps in my bed under all the covers between my husband and i.(its toasty under there). she loves to go to the dog park and play,she has also completed her first round of dogie obedience and did wonderful.
thank you for such a perfect little dog.
amy,matt and macy



This is maddie on her way to her first vacation. She loves riding in the truck and loves her two new big sisters.

The Branson Family


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