This is maddie on her way to her first vacation. She loves riding in the truck and loves her two new big sisters.

The Branson Family


Starsky (aka Scout)

Hi Morgan,
All is still well.  We had an evaluation by a local trainer here: and are starting individual training sessions as well as some group ones this weekend.
If you ever need a trainer in the area- this guy is great.  I spoke with 6 different ones and was kind of put off by 4- agro tripper humans with poor social skills- this guy on the other hand is very good with humans and dogs.  i think that is important and obv sorely lacking in the ones i spoke and met with.
Scout(Starsky) is doing really well; he got a great eval from John and the pack (5)of dogs he brought over to meet him.  He does have some leash aggression(barking lunging) issues with other dogs, people, kids, but only sometimes.  Scout didn’t exhibit any agro. with any of the dogs he was introduced to and is getting more calm and relaxed daily.
Thanks again; time for walkies.


Just thought you would like to know that Jax is doing very well.  He is hunky-dorey now. He weighs 16 pounds and had another parvo vaccination. He is a happy dog and he rarely leaves us “presents” inside anymore. He plays and walks well with Timmy (our chiweenie). We walk him 1 hour in the am, 1/2 hour in the afternoon/evening after dinner and walk a little late at night before we crate them for sleep. He is a love and a goof and he is a very welcome addition to our home.

Brookes Dewey

Madonna (aka Sydney)

The gals at the shelter asked us to send pics and periodically update you on how she’s doing. Here are a couple of pics of her in her new sweater and bed on the first day we brought her home as well as a pic of her brother Buddy who is always snoozing in his bed. We had Buddy (a mamas boy) for several years and my hubby decided he needed a dog and Buddy needed a friend, so we adopted Madonna.
We renamed her to Sydney. My husband loved the name and since she was kept with Sydney, we figured she would respond well to the name. She has certainly done that. She is such a lover and is getting along famously with Buddy. We’ve noticed an extra spring in his step since getting her and I think it is because he was lonely for a playmate. They play and romp around the house and are such a true joy. They go for long walks at night and on the weekends and love to go to my mom’s house and play with her little Yorkie. 
Thank you again for all that you do and for allowing us to take home such a precious dog. We will send more pics when we have them and hopefully, she won’t look so scared.

Brian & Debbie Matteson 
Mission Viejo, CAsydney_2_021009

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