Tallulah (aka Reilly)

Morgan – Thought you might like to see some fotos of Tallulah, now known as Reilly.  She is really smart – she knows her new name already and comes when I call (every time!) she also has learned to sit when commanded.  All this is in the first day home.  She rode in the passenger seat on towels all the way home from Tehachapi, a nine hour trip.  She’s good on a leash with the harness.  She loves people, barks at the cat and other dogs, the train which runs on a trestle high above the river a little downstream from my yard.

Thank you for the work you do; I wouldn’t have found this little sweetheart without you and your organization.

Ceci Reynolds




Hi Morgan,
Just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying Darby…. You were absolutely right, she is a great dog and a great addition to our family. I have attached some pics. Thanks again for allowing us to adopt her.
Jen Fitzpatrick
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