URGENT! Emergency Situation

We currently have a horse from the Cottonwood fire. He is currently under vet care but we need to raise money for continued care. Over 90% of his body burned, “El Jefe” aka “the Boss” was rescued by Taylor, with two other horses from the fires that ravaged Cottonwood Rd and 200 acres of farmland. Hundreds of animals died, and some survived, but El Jefe was by far the most damaged survivor. He’s made it over a month with continued improvement each day. We still cant be sure of final outcome, but this guy doesn’t want to give up so he deserves the opportunity to continue to help heal his wounds.

How YOU can HELP:

Donations can also be made here. (please memo them “El Jefe”)

Or you can send donation checks to:

Pet Matchmaker Rescue CA
PO Box 21406
Bakersfield CA 93390

Here is a link for burn cream and other needed items on Amazon Smile.

We also could desperately use some alfalfa donations as well as grain for El Hefe, and mare and foal grain for the pregnant mare.

Live video and more information can be found on our Facebook Page.

Please share with anyone you know who is a burn specialist or doctor and can help us with this situation.