Severely Neglected Boxer Mama

Living in Bakersfield, and Kern County in general, I’ve learned to deal with the fact that some people don’t see animals like I do. They don’t see them as family members and if things get tough, the pets get dumped… I’ve seen a lot of horrible things since moving here, and some things give me nightmares and some make me cry myself to sleep at night. But what was brought to my attention tonight will not only do that, but it made my blood BOIL.

The owners of this dog dumped her at the vet to be euthanized… Can anyone guess why??That’s right! No longer a cash cow. This boxer mama couldn’t pump out anymore pups so she was as good as dead. So what else are you going to do with a dog like this? Treat her issues?!? God no! That would chip into the profit margin too much! (Insert sarcasm)- let’s have her euthanized instead.

Thank god for my amazing vets at BVH who stepped up and requested surrender for this sweetheart so that they could at least try to give her a second shot at a REAL life, outside of being a puppy factory…

Now, can anyone guess how old this dog is?
Looking at her “tatas” and the multiple mammoth tumors and infections, you would guess several years old, and several litters right?? Nope. (Well, right on the one hand…) 5-6 litters is my guess, but this pup is a mere 3 YEARS old!!!

3 years and her nipples are literally rotting off from infection…. We are most definitely going to look into some sort of case on this, as this HAS to be the definition of abuse and neglect. We are going to need LOTS of help though from supporters near and far. The backyard breeder situation is a hot mess up here, and we need more than a village to make changes. We need national visibility on this issue if we ever want to get this problem here remedied. We need people not only from Bakersfield and Kern county, but nationwide to put the pressure on our Animal control commissioner and board of directors to get anything even remotely accomplished.

And we are going to need funding to help this sweet babe get the surgery she needs to recover from this SEVERE case of neglect. If you would like to donate toward her cause, we need to give her a new name for her new life, and raise approx $2000 to cover surgery and aftercare, as well as meds to fix this broken soul….

And if you would like to help aid us in ending the viscous and infinite cycle of backyard overbreeding here in Kern county, email us at

Thanks and PLEASE spread the word!!