Help us Reach our Goals!

Go Fund Me Campaign:

widgetWe are a non profit and our rescue would be nothing if it wasn’t for your support. We haven’t covered all of our vet bills from the recent emergencies but we are pretty close. Many of you suggested on our Facebook page to set up a Go Fund Me page, and we have done so. Our main intention here is to cover the remaining vet bills and to make sure we are financially stable again and to have money go towards our kennels for our rescue babies.

Kennel Update:

Our dogs are living in the lap of doggy luxury until they find their forever homes!! But our work isn’t over quite yet. We still need to finish funding this project – need to pay off the second building and our play yards, so that we can begin to finish them with turf, more concrete, bathing stations, etc.

We are now about $20,000 out from completing our goal, so PLEASE if you or someone you know can donate toward this wonderful cause of ours, we are branching out and doing big things- from saving the pups and dogs of ‪Kern county‬, to the poor puppy souls of ‪‎Mexico‬ and expanding our adoption territory to the ‪Northwest‬!! But all of this takes financing so please be a part of our growth and donate!