Thank You!

We just wanted to give a HUGE shout out and big thank you to the Bakersfield Californian Foundation for their generous donation toward our facility! They have made a giant dent in our debt for our facility buildings and we can’t thank them enough!
The dogs are living in the lap of doggy luxury until they find their forever homes!! But our work isn’t over quite yet. We still need to finish funding this project- need to pay off the second building and our play yards, so that we can begin to finish them with turf, more concrete, bathing stations, etc.

We are now about $20,000 out from completing our goal, so PLEASE if you or someone you know can donate toward this wonderful cause of ours, we are branching out and doing big things- from saving the pups and dogs of ‪#‎Kerncounty‬, to the poor puppy souls of ‪#‎Mexico‬ and expanding our adoption territory to the ‪#‎Northwest‬!! But all of this takes financing so please be a part of our growth and donate!


Or you can snail mail and make checks payable to “Pet Matchmaker Rescue” and mail them to:

Pet Matchmaker Rescue
PO Box 21406
Bakersfield, CA 93390

Thanks again for all the support!!