Sawyer (aka Nelson) in ALASKA!

Dear Morgan,

    Sorry it took so long for me to send an update on Sawyer aka Nelson. As you can see from the pictures he fits right in with our brood. He will not let me out of his sight. He loves to ride in the car and does very well on a coupler with Tazz. He never would answer to his name so my husband and I just kept calling out names till he came running to Nelson maybe his original family’s last name was that, who knows, but he comes every time. He is only afraid of BIG boots, maybe someone kicked him as a puppy. He loves all of his new playmates and all the room to run. He saw his first moose but treed it from behind the couch inside the house!! He also brought home a beaver bone which took him only 3 hours to decide where to bury it!
    I had to have a new microchip put in because either the one your agency had put in quit working or it never worked to begin with but he is chipped now. He has already been to see Dr. Baetsle, our vet, who said Nelson was a keeper. I even have my new credit card with the picture ” Nelson Smiling” on it. Thank you so much for giving me the chance to adopt this loving, adorable dog. I promise he will be loved with every breath I take.
Lana K. Henleynelson-napping-on-couchnelson-smilingnelson-in-the-snow-day-1nelson-and-taz-playing