Kallie (aka Tallulah)

Hi Morgan,

Just wanted to write and let you know how great little Kallie is doing.  Her new name is Tallulah, we figured for a little dog she needed a big name, and I swear she’s so smart she already knows what it is.
She’s getting along great with her sister Sierra and loves nothing better then to play all day long and fall asleep cuddles up with her dad on the couch. She is such a sweetie pie!  
We are still working on playing nice with  the kitties…there’s been some chasing and barking but they give her attitude right back so I think in a while when they sort it out everything be fine!   I attached some pictures too!  Thanks again for everything we just love her to pieces already! 
 You guys have such a wonderful rescue program, thanks for all you do!!!
 Heather, Scott and Miss Tallulah Rose  🙂