Hi Morgan,

I just wanted you to know that George is indeed in his forever home!
He did GREAT on the five hour car ride.  He is doing great inside the home and on our walks.
One little issue is that he wants to “play” with my cat…hopefully that calms down soon!  Not sure how to correct that behavior.
I will send pictures soon.  We took a lot yesterday and I want to take some more tonight.

Thanks again for all the work you do!

Holly Nichols

Hi Morgan,

I wanted to send you a couple of these pictures of George.  These were taken by a local artist, and I am having one (the second one you will see) made into a nice 8×11.

George is doing fabulously.  He and my cat are still “at-odds” a bit…constantly playing at all hours!!!  He chases Figgy and Figgy chases him.  I can’t wait until that settles down because I need my sleep!

He is the best in his training class, although he gets distracted easily.  This morning on our walk, I put him in a sit stay while a man ran past us.  When the man was about right next to us, George got up and tried to run with him!  

He is obsessed by the tennis ball.  He loves those slings.  He went to the ocean for the first time last week.  I had him on an extending leash.  This woman past by with one of those slingers in her hand.  He yanked the leash out from my hand and tried to steal the sling from her.  He is very harmless, but still a little ornery!!

He is receiving much love and belly rubs.

Thank you for all the work you do!

Holly Nichols