Edward (aka Spencer)

Oh my God, Morgan!  We are in love with him!!!  We tried calling him Edward to see if he knew his name before we changed it.  We were going to keep it, but he didn’t seem like he was responding to it.  We started calling him Spencer, and within a day, he knew it was his name!!  He is a wonderful little guy–he is pooping and peeing outside, eating like a horse, and sleeping right next to me in bed!!  LOL!!!  The cat bopped him when they first met, but now she’ll sit somewhat near him.  Jack, our older dog, looks just like he could be his dad.  Spencer follows him all around.  Sophie, our other Petmatchmaker rescue, was absolutely terrified of him at first!  But now he’s winning her over!  I took time off work to be with them all to make sure things are ok, but I’m in the office today.  We live so close to the college where I work that I go home for lunch for an hour every day anyway.  So they are only alone for a few hours at a time.  He’s got such a nice personality.  He already knows exactly what cupboard I keep the “cookies” in, and he sure knows when it’s time to eat!  Thank you so much for Petmatchmaker.  Although I DID promise my husband I won’t adopt any more animals for awhile!!!!  LOL!  He’s crazy about him, though!  He acts like a proud father when they all chase the ball and Spencer gets it first!!!
Anyway, please let me know what I can do to get more involved with fundraising.  I know I couldn’t foster, because if I was fostering Edward/Spencer, there’s already no way I could give him up!!!
Thank you again for all the wonderful things you are doing for these animals.