Sparky (aka Sadie)


Things are going very well “Sparky” aka “Sadie” (my 6 year old son named her 7 months ago while he was earning dog points) is a very smart dog.
We have had Sparky only two nights and I think she is adjusting amazingly well, she knows her new name and in this short period can already sit and stay and heal when we walk her.We have been taking her out side for her training three or four times a day on a thirty foot lead to teach her how to sit lay down and stay on command, the last time we were out she sat and stayed and came with only hand  signals (this is an intelligent dog and very gentle  and loving.) The only hurdle we really have is to slowly  keep building the confidence of our cat to come up and have a face to face with Sparky who is curious but I am sure will be fine with a little time to get to know “Ditto” the cat.
Thank you so much Sparky is a nice addition to our family