Sadie (aka Lady)

Thought you’d like to know how happy Sadie is here! She’s just the nicest, sweetest dog ever! We adore her and she fits into our family just perfectly! She completely watches everything that our other dog, Koty, does and has learned SO much about being a fun, happy dog!
She plays with me and with other dogs regularly. Yesterday we discovered that tennis balls and the way they bounce make Sadie VERY excited and happy! She bounds after them, bouncing along as the tennis ball bounces! It’s absolutely one of the cutest things I’ve EVER seen! She has a real sense of humor that comes out more and more by the week! She loves being silly and she rolls upsidedown and groans and bites at my shirt or hand or whatever I have twirling in her face to get her riled up!
She’s just a wonderful girl and you were so right that anyone would love her! Everyone in the WORLD asks us about both dogs since they look like littermates and they’re both so beautiful! There isn’t one person who hasn’t commented on how lovely and gentle Sadie is and we feel SO very lucky to have found her.
Well, that’s about it. We’re loving her and she’s loving us and we thank you again for all your efforts.
Hope you are doing well.
Take care,
Lisa and Dan Fox