We adopted Lazlo from you guys in the summer, and we’ve just celebrated his first birthday in January. Lazlo is the best dog in the whole world! He’s responded to training really well and knows all of these commands: sit, stay, heel, down, high five, paw, shake, roll over, and we’re teaching him crawl. We still need to work on the jumping issue but he’s getting better. Every day when I come home from school Laz is waiting for my sister and I in the driveway, and he likes to jump on us and knock us down onto the ground so he can lick us to death. He’s also really smart- he figured out that if he steps on our hair we can’t get up.

After we got Laz, we introduced him to the boat. He LOVES riding around, but he hasn’t decided if he likes swimming or not. One day he walked up to the bow and was enjoying the ride up there. Laz also loves car rides- we can’t say the word “truck” without him running around the house in circles with excitement.

Thank you so much for hooking us up with Laz- I can’t imagine not having him around!!!

-Anne Smith