Picked him up at Delta Cargo without any problem — the woman there was very nice.

There is a little doggie park a coupe blocks from Delta Cargo, so we had a quick visit.

Jasper rode in the back seat of our car stretched across the three kids’ laps –very calm.

When we got him home we introduced him to “Orbit” — our 50 lb. Plot Hound.  Remarkably they
hit it off right away, and within moments were chasing each other around the back yard.

Jasper is a beautiful puppy, and will undoubtedly grow into a wonderful dog.

Our 6 year old son (Chaz) is over the moon with him.  We had a Chesapeake Bay Retriever who
was here along with Orbit, and he lived to be 13, but sadly passed away last December, so Chaz
and Orbit are both pretty excited to have someone new around.

It’s a perfect match, and I think Jasper is going to be very happy here.

We’ll take a few pictures with his new family and email them up to you next week.

Thank You so much for all of your efforts!

Norman Bedford