Boru (aka Bosco)

Hey Morgan and Jill,

I just wanted to tell you how glad we are that we were able to rescue our new “baby” from your organization.  We have re-named him Boru and are wild about him.
Just recently in NH there was an article in a newspaper on the Seacoast that was about the “problems” of adopting dogs coming up from the south.  I was, at that point, in the process of adopting our guy and hoped the article would prove to be false for us.  I am VERY happy to say that is the case.
Apparently some “rescues” have been sending up ill, not vetted, not as described, dogs.  I am pleased to say that our dog was EXACTLY as described and so our match is just that–A MATCH!
Our adult black Lab is enjoying the opportunity to have a playmate and they are settling in wonderfully.  I am so sad to think that an absolutely wonderful dog like ours was so close to being euthanized!  He is everything we hoped and I look forward to the chance to train him and help him become the companion and family member he was meant to be.  I would be happy to have you use this information to encourage others to adopt from your organization.  I am sure that some, like us, may be a bit leery and I would like to alleviate their concerns.  I will unequivocably work with your group for any future additions to my family! Thank you for a wonderful and rewarding experience.
Corinne Robertson