Hi Morgan,
He is doing super. Put on weight,– our golden and he are running through the house as we speak. He only had four accidents in the house and that was that. He sleeps in our bedroom, no crate and goes all night without wanting to go out. We did the crate for a few nights then gave it up. I am here all the time so we have never used a crate before and our dogs do great. We just did it for his mental security but then he got bored with it really fast and whimpered to get out and join the family for bedtime. He loves our gas fireplace–think he is a little thin blooded being a Callie dog! Baka is the most charming, entertaining guy. I think Gunner (our dog who passed in January) would approve!! One problem, I don’t know how we are all going to continue to pick him up and cuddle him, the fatter he gets. He is soooo hard to resist. Just until recently he did not want to go in the car, not sure what that meant. I think he gets that this is his permanent home now. Does a good job staying by my side when we go on our walks. He gets a short, mid afternoon walk cause my early morning walk is for Ace and me so he gets his alone time. He adores my son and vice versa. He has done really well with visiting dogs and people. For some reason he barks at my mother. Not sure if it is her very deep, husky voice. I wish I knew his background. I’ve never seen a dog so excited to see anyone, tail wagging, squirming body, etc. Do you know how his siblings are doing? You will be happy to know Baka is spoiled rotten and well socialized with people as well as dogs. He even goes in the chicken coop to visit the birds with me and is learning to be easy with them no matter how enticing they smell! He did get a few chews on the coffee table despite a giant basket of assorted toys, chews, etc. He wouldn’t be a puppy if he was perfect, right?! Thanks for taking great care of him!
BTW our golden is over 100 pounds. Baka goes back to the vets Sat. for another routine visit. He weighs 29 pounds and is growing by leaps and bounds, literally!