Blu (aka TJ)

Hey Molli and Jill!

Greetings from the Jersey Shore! I just wanted to give you an update regarding Blu. He is simply fantastic. We had been without a dog for about a year when we got Blu. You forget how much love and enjoyment you get from them. He has adjusted so well to our home. He is so loving and gentle with our 2 year old Myles!

He has formed some new habits as well. He comes up after breakfast and wakes up my 8 year old for school. Then upon hearing my alarm, he comes in and wakes me up with kisses. He then sees everyone off to school. He has also been in the ocean a few times. He likes the water, but not sure yet what to make of the waves!

I’ve enclosed a few pics for you. If you would like to use them on your site feel free to do so. My experience with the two of you and your organization has been outstanding. There are truly a lot of families out there who are much happier because of all your efforts.

Thank You!

Pat, Holly, Keelan & Myles