OMG we love him!  We ended up changing his name to “Sully” (after going from Buddy to Bruschi to Sully).  Mac is a bit jealous of him though, lol.  But I gotta tell you, he gives Mac a run for his money.  He’s not afraid of Mac at all, and I think that Sully is going to be the dominant dog.  He’s got balls the size of Texas, despite being neutered, lol.  We’re trying to be more vigilant with watching him because he’s had a few accidents when we’ve not been watching.  And you were right on the money about when he wakes up..  this am was 5:59 and yesterday was 5:56!  I think he’s peed a bit in his crate, which I’m not sure if he’s doing it on purpose or he’s leaking while he’s sleeping.  We noticed that he drinks a lot of water too.  I’m trying to cut down on the water during the day and I give him water in his dry food, making it a little soupy.  I’ve always fed Mac like that too, and he really doesn’t drink much water other than what he drinks with his meals.  It seems to keep Mac on a bathroom schedule and I’m hoping Sully will get to that point eventually but it will take some time.  And his little puppy noises are sooooo cute!!!!  He’s just a love!  I brought him into work on the way home on Thursday and everyone was oohing and aaahing over him.
Michelle & John