Here’s our new dog! We’re calling her Sadie – her real name was Lady, but it was just too strange for us! She’s a very good girl. Calm, sweet, gentle and very very submissive.
She needs to learn commands – we’re working on “sit” and “come” right now. We think she’s never been on a proper walk, as she doesn’t even know that word! Can you imagine? Poor little thing.
She’s really adorable and just groans and groans with these happy sounds when she’s found a comfortable spot – she’s currently sleeping on the floor right next to me.
We had a tough couple of days with Koty – he was NOT at all thrilled about having another dog here, but today – so far so good! He sniffed her a couple times and has not growled or even acted upset in any way, so we’re making good progress!
Will keep you all posted!
Take care,