I realized it had been awhile since my last Maggie-Mae update. Well the little rugrat is doing fantastic. She now weighs in at a hefty 24 pounds and her body has gotten longer. Those legs of hers are still short… 🙂 I am considering doing one of those DNA tests on her to figure out exactly what breeds of dogs she has in her. Who knows? 🙂
Maggie came to the humane society with me today and was my assistant in puppy class. She was SO good! She actually has a new boyfriend (her list of boyfriends is growing) named Winston. He is a 14 week old blocky black lab puppy and the two of them played so well together. Maggie has such beautiful body language with other dogs and it is a pleasure to watch her interact with dogs of all sizes. Her other new buddy is a 5 month old Newfie! Oh and we can’t forget to mention Louie, the Chihuahua that belongs to one of the veterinarians. The two of them romp and play all morning long at the clinic. 🙂 Maggie is picking up on sitting for treats and toys and her play biting is beginning to improve. I think she has Corgi in her so some of the nipping might be breed related. Oh well… she is doing well. Maggie is also learning how to do a relaxed down and how to stay. I have Oliver, my Plotthound, do a down or stay and Maggie will watch what he does and copy him. 🙂
Oliver is being such a great big brother! He loves to play with her in the snow and the two of them were wrestling on the bed (yes, the little short rugrat can pull herself up on our bed now) last night. They are a very good match for one another. I took both dogs on a hike at the local wildlife refuge last week and Maggie dragged a 30 foot long line behind her. She had so much fun because she was able to go up ahead of me on the trail and romp around trees with Oliver, but I didn’t have to worry about losing her. Long lines are wonderful!!!! She loves to play hide-n-seek too and is getting really good about keeping tabs on where I am and coming when called. It helps because Oliver has a really good recall.
-Kasandra, Oliver Twist, and Maggie 🙂