Just wanted you to know that Lady is doing really well already! Definitely feeling insecure (following me around like a little shadow), but that’s to be expected!
She is loving the backyard and was amazed that she could go out there unsupervised! She seemed reticent to go out there at all by herself, but then figured out that it was a good place to go pee, if needed!!
The car ride home was totally uneventful between the two dogs (we were amazed), but our other dog is NOT crazy about her being in the house here! He’s barked at her, they had one little fight over an old bone (our fault) and now he’s taken to whining and crying when he sees Lady getting attention from us! He’s a punk!
We think in about a week they will be friends – it’s been 3 months since our other dog died and Koty’s had the total center of attention.
Lady is now laying at my feet while I’m typing this!! Such a sweet girl!
She went on her first “official” walk and she was very nice to another female dog up the street…She also was amazed by the sounds of the seagulls. We live across the street from the ocean and walk out on a big landing that juts out into the ocean! She’ll also get to go on our boat this summer and go fishing and whale watching and see and do all kinds of new things!

Two questions – is she really THAT hungry all the time? She really seems like she’s starving! Follows me into the kitchen given any chance and begs for food! We fed her right away when we got home and then again after our walk. She gobbled it all up and has had a few good treats, as well!
Also, is she 4 or is she 6? Only the paper work that you filled out, Jill, said she was 6. All of the other certificates from Tennessee and elsewhere say she’s 4….Just wondered. It’s fine either way, but we’d be even happier if she was 4 – that’s 2 more years with us!
Well, it’s been a long day for all of us, so my husband and I are going to watch movies and just let everyone settle in.
Thanks again for all of your efforts and transporting her all the way to Walpole…That was really great.
Will keep you posted.
Take care,
Lisa (and Dan and Koty and Lady)