Hayden (Harden)

 We had an intersting ride homeiwth Hardin who is now Hayden. My husband sat in the back set with Hayden (Hardin) and loved him up .  When we stopped 45 mins later I let Hayden out for a walk and he just layed down in the parking lot and wanted his stomach rubbed.  When we set off again my husband was in his car and I was alone with Hayden. My only problem was keeping Hayden in the back seat.  He kept coming into the passenger seat and going back and forth.I had to stop twice I thought he was going to come onto my lap!   By the time I made it home, he was calmer and staying in the back but wanted loving when he got out of the car.  He seem to be adjusting very well, except for the fact he has developed a paper phetish (ha ha), paper towels, napkins and tissue, he likes to chew them. I have a friend with a retiever (several years old) and she says he does the same thing!  I’m hoping it is a temporary adjustment and will pass as soon as he settles in  He is so sweet and lovable and our vet said he was in fine shape.He was very impressed.  .  He gave him some ear drops at our  first visit Sat. because they were red, but no ticks. We also gave him a lyme disease vacination on Sat. because we have so many deer around this year and I know our neighbor lost one of his dogs this year to lyme and I know 3 people in the area who also got it last summer. Kim did a great job at training him.  He really is pretty good on a lead and easier to walk than I expected . 
Terri, Jim and Hayden