Just a Maggie update. 🙂 If you couldn’t tell, I am totally in love with her!!! 🙂 She’s such a fantastic puppy!! Maggie has slept through the past 2 nights in her crate and is doing awesome with house-training!! Oliver, my hound, is proving to be a very good big brother. He has been growly with her a little bit, but Maggie respects him and will go do something else. And Oliver will play with her outside. I had Maggie on a 50 foot long line (how I teach dogs recall and stuff) today, and Jason and I were getting Oliver running. Ollie kept bouncing back to Maggie and play bowing and she would take off after him… her little legs plowing through the snow 🙂 Maggie loves the snow!! And she has discovered deer tracks and digging 🙂 I had Oliver and Maggie outside for about an hour earlier and Maggie was following Oliver everywhere!!! 🙂 I had her on her 6 foot lead, so I had to do quite a bit of running to keep up!!! 🙂 She has no fear of anything and climbed up on a big rock and even slid down the snow bank after Oliver. Maggie is also going up and down our stairs too. It took a bit of patience and tasty treats because the stairs are open backed, but she now bounces up and down them 🙂 She is doing great!!!
Thanks again for allowing me to adopt Maggie!!