Hello all!
We have had Shelby with us for about 8 months now and we just love her.  She is such a sweet little thing and she has soooo much personality that she lets out once she is comfortable with you.  She still submissive pees sometimes but it is a lot less frequent than it used to be and we feel that eventually she will stop doing it all together.  She loves to go running with me and she seems to be able to tell when I’m putting my running clothes on because she runs to the back door and whines until I’m ready.  She loves people and likes to play with our friends’ dogs when they come over.  Her and the cat also get along quite well and the cat loves to “hunt” the dog, which Shelby generally ignores.  She is such a sweet dog, so attatched to us and just wanting to please.  We took her to obedience classes and that really helped with her submissive urination. Once she figured out what we wanted she was perfectly happy to do it, and knowing what we wanted made her a lot less nervous.  Shelby has also gained weight since being with us (lately I’m thinking maybe a little too much!).  She loves to eat now and has become very food motivated.  She came with us to cut down our Christmas tree this year.  Thanks again for saving a such a sweetie!
The James Family