Raven is doing quite well.  She was a bit timid at first, and stayed mainly in the bedroom.  She was a bit of a closet eater, which is slowly getting better.  I have not heard her bark at all she does a little whining if she wants to get your attention.  She is very sweet and a bit of a love bug.  The cat seems to have adapted very well and doesn’t seem bothered at all.  Raven is very interested in the cat.  She doesn’t really understand toys, but she believes that they all must belong on the floor of my bedroom.  Peanut butter is her favorite thing by far.  She seems to be happiest when we go over to my Mom’s or sister’s to play in their yards with other dogs.  She does VERY well with other dogs and really has come out of her shell because of spending time with them.  I think she gets an understanding what being a pet dog is like after visiting other dogs.  She went to my mother’s for all the Christmas gatherings and was very happy to be there.  I can’t wait until Spring is here and I can have a fence installed to let her out to run in her own yard.  She is very good on a leash and loves being out in the worst weather.  She does not ask to go outside and thankfully there hasn’t been any accidents.  We have seemed to have worked out a decent pee schedule, we were going out way too many times with no results the first week.  She HATES getting in the car.  I am not sure what she has associated the car with.  She has to be picked up and placed in the car.  She used to shake and pant the entire time in the car, now she seems to like it and looks around.  I guess that is all for now.  I just wanted to let you know that she is a VERY good girl and seems happy.