Noelle (now Bella)

Noelle has a new name! The kids renamed her Bella. She is doing great. She comes when you call her, sits and is even starting to give her paw. She’s doing great with housetraining-only a few accidents in the house(we’re learning to spot her signals when she has to go.) She’s even started to go to the door when she wants to go out. I took her to the vets last week. She weighs 14 pounds and the vet says she looks excellent. I can’t believe how much bigger she already looks in just 1 week! You were right- she is a very smart, sweet dog and we love her already!
She even went on her first ski trip to New Hampshire this past weekend. My mother in law has a chalet in North Conway so we brought her with us. She was great in the car and at the chalet.
thanks again,