I decided to sign Keeva-aka Nestle up for obedience training with a great, very experienced trainer.  She went through a 6 week course for basic commands and obedience. Twice.  The trainer said she was the most defiant female dog he had ever experienced. I found this amusing yet terrifying.  We worked very closely together for that 12 week period and now…… I have the best dog ever!!!  She is so loving and gentle to everyone she meets and follows direction very well.  We still have a few things to work on but I am pleased at how far she has come.  She even does a few tricks. She is on a steady daily exercise routine and a pretty strict diet.  We’ve discovered she has a very sensitive stomach.  Another fun thing to add is that we had her DNA tested just to see what her breed actually was because she is such a beautiful dog with unusual features.  Her results were of course- Labrador Retriever- Akita, Chinese Shar Pei, and Belgian Tenruven.  Funny mix huh?  I’m so happy that I adopted her and she has brought so much joy to my life.
Best-Jennifer Lordan