Meeko (aka Prada)

I just wanted to give an update… I can not believe it, I have had Meeko (aka Prada) for just over a year now!  She is doing so well!  She is healthy and happy.  She is the best snuggle buddy anyone could ask for.  She is no doubt, a best friend and is spoiled for sure!  She has gotten so big!  It is so hard to believe that when I first got her a year ago she was just about 30lbs, she is now 55lbs!  Meeko loves to take trips to the dog park and play with her friends.  She loves to visit my parents house and loves it when my grandparents watch for the night sometimes.  She is part of the family and goes with me everywhere she can!  Having a dog is a lot of responsibility, but I wouldn’t trade Meeko for anything in the world!  She now has a new friend also, while at the dog park with Meeko we both met someone special, Boomer and his Daddy Russell.  Russell and I started dating and Meeko and Boomer have been the best of friends ever since.  Russell and I often joke saying that dogs are really the ones that are dating and we are just each others glorified dog sitters! Haha.  Meeko has made so much progress with her interaction with other dogs and people. 

Thank You,