I wanted to let you know again that Lulu really is the best dog we could have
imagined. I feel really bad for ever have thinking that she might not
have been happy here. She is truly the cutest, smartest, kindest dog I
have ever met. Our entire extended family, not to mention neighborhood,
is in love with her. She’s already visited my son’s preschool twice and
the kids and teachers there love her as well. She’s super playful and
full of love and energy. She’s also very sensitive, which is endearing.
Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for the match and for convincing us
that she was the right dog. You were completely correct! I think we
just panicked a bit since we took years to decide if the time was right
for a dog and then when she seemed so depressed we felt like maybe we
weren’t up to the task. But we’re all really happy and can’t wait for
the warm weather so we can really see her have some fun!
Thanks again!