“Lila” is doing great !!!!  She has bee through housebreaking 101, and
passed!!  It took a couple of weeks (about 4) but she finally got it.She has another new friend too…. she has a 13 week old chocolate lab sister named “Hazel”.  She is very gentle with
Her, she must have been a great mom at one time. The invisible fence has been installed and all the dogs are fully trained on it.  They absolutely love it.  We fenced a full acre for the dogs to run and
play in.  She is the most submissive girl when it comes to people, especially children.  However the other night a strange man came to the house at about 11:30pm and rang the door bell, I was the only one awake. She stood between me and the front door (which was open)  our storm door is all glass so she could see this man outside with a long trench coat on, and long hair up in a ponytail.  There was something about him she did not like. He asked me to go outside and help him fix his car that had broken down.  I told him he needed to leave or I would call the police.  “Lila” made it very
clear to him that he was not welcome !!!! It was comforting to know that she would protect her family if she felt it were necessary.  We love her.

Talk to you soon,