I want to express my thanks to everyone from petmatchmaker  for helping us and Black Beauty (now known as Lexi) find each other last July and to tell you a little about her and how she has established herself.

There are numerous rabbit and squirrels around here, and that’s how I found out that Lexi is a pointer in Lab’s clothing. Once she spots one, she freezes in a classic pointer position, focuses intently on it and then ever so slowly tiptoes toward it till it takes off safely into the brush or up a tree. She hates water (hose or bay) and wants nothing to do with a ball or a tug toy, but she certainly has a sweet Lab disposition.

Her nemesis is a cat that occasionally strolls through the yard while she is on the porch (summertime) but she ignores the wild turkeys that we see once in a while. Lexi gets along well with all the dogs in the neighborhood and she has one or two special friends among them. She has a keen eye for who her two legged friends will be. As soon as she thinks she has one spotted she hurries over, attracts their attention and rolls over for a tummy rub. Once she has them hooked, they’re hooked for life, and she’s made quite a few conquests. Barking? Not her problem. As a matter of fact we were concerned because we hadn’t heard a peep out of her for about the first two weeks till the cat came strolling by and Lexi let the cat know she was out of place. It’s still a red letter day when Lexi sounds off.

We’re certainly glad she’s with us and I’m inclined to think she feels the same way.


Bob Haiken