So far we have kept the name Lee.  We’ve thought of changing it but did not really come up with anything different.  He has been behaving well. I think he is becoming less intimidated by Blitz – and let’s him get closer with out gettting uptight.  They play together a bit, even a little wrestling.  Lee can run circles around him, so in the yard Lee tends to dart around and try to go after Blitz’s ball to tease him.  If he gets it then he makes Blitz chase a bit before dropping it.
We introduced the cat last weekend.  We have a great cat who is not all that afraid of dogs and not aggressive with them.  Overall went well and they seem like they will be fine.  Blitz actually helped.  If Lee gets a little wound up around the cat or kids, Blitz usually steps in, puts his head on top of Lee and settles him down.
Overall – Lee seems as advertised. Playful, affectionate, and smart.  A good mix.
Thanks for checking in… geoff