Hazel (formerly known as Wilma)

All is going just wonderfully
with Wilma (we changed her name to Hazel, an old
family name!).  She is just the sweetest puppy, who
only wants love and hugs and couldn’t be happier.

If you recall, we have another beagle mix, Lucy, whom
we adopted about 3 years ago.  She was unfortunately
very mistreated and so timid and shy.  She’s great
with us now, but she’s still scared to meet new people
and is still untrusting until she gets to know you
well.  But Lucy has some great dog friends in the
neighborhood, so we thought she might enjoy a sister.
Well Hazel and Lucy have become fast friends and the
love each other!  They play together for hours (they
are both about the same size, with Hazel a bit taller)
and then sleep together afterwards.  In fact, Lucy had
to adjust more than Hazel.  Hazel just goes up to
everyone and wants to say hi and wags her tail and is
just a loving, trusting dog.  So Lucy even seems to be
following Hazel’s lead and becoming more confident
too.  Everyone in the neighborhood now knows them
both–Lucy is mostly white with black and brown and
Hazel mostly black with white and brown, so they are
quite a beautiful pair!

Thank you so much for arranging for the opportunity
for us to adopt Hazel.  Hazel is so friendly and
extremely well-behaved.  She is potty trained and
listens very well to “come” and “sit.”  She doesn’t
chew things (except her toys!) and has learned what
furniture she can jump on and what she cannot jump on.
 In fact, we were ready for a few weeks/months of
small disasters and challenges that go with new dogs
(especially puppies), but Hazel has been so, so easy
to take care of!  It’s quite striking the difference
between Hazel’s first weeks and Lucy’s first few weeks
when we got her.  Lucy was freightened and shy and
chewed and got into trouble just because she was
trying to figure out her new life.  Hazel has been so
easy and we’re so happy that she has adjusted this
well in such a short time.  My husband and I now feel
like our family is complete! 🙂

Take care,