It’s hard to believe that it has only been one week since
we adopted Dolly.  She has
us wrapped around her little paws.  We decided that the name Cookie
suits her much better than
Ling Ling, so that is what we have named her.

On Sunday afternoon, she had a full grooming at Petsmart and looks
even cuter than she did before.
 Hard to believe, but true.   On Monday, she had her first appointment
with the veterinarian.  Dr.
Lagasse said that she is a healthy dog and she has a nice disposition.
 Oh, and last Saturday,
Claude and I took a Good Dog Great Starts class at the local MSPCA.
We will be taking Cookie to
obedience classes in January.

Housebreaking will be slow since she is so little and the weather has
been so cold, but we are
confident that once we get on the right track she’ll do great.

She has met a lot of new people this week and everyone has fallen in
love with her.  Our daughter
is just delighted with her “new little sister”.  Tomorrow, we will
take our Christmas card photo
of our two “girls” with their grey sweaters and pink scarfs.  It is
just a coincidence that they
both have grey sweaters and pink scarfs.

In the short time since I wrote the above, Cookie has shown a
remarkable improvement in her
housebreaking skills.  She has been doing her “business” outside more
frequently.  We were, also,
very happy to find a clean crate this morning when we were greeted by
our tail-wagging Cookie.

Thank you again for making it possible for us to become Cookie’s
forever parents.

Sincerely and happily, Carol and Claude Dozois