Cole is so totally adorable! Very sweet, very gentle.
Wonderful with our old dog. Won’t let me out of his
sight. He thinks he has fleas but he doesn’t, I’ve
really examined that belly! We had a restless first
night with him waking up to scratch every couple of
hours. Maybe he soothes his anxiety that way, too. At
any rate, our vet said to give him Benadryl
 it’ll help him sleep, too. Maybe
we should all take some.
He is SO pretty, especially now that I’ve gotten most
of his mats out. He has a blue-black tongue tip, so
there must be some Chow in the mix, too.
A true voluptuary, he has tried out every sofa and
soft chair in the house, including a padded swivel
chair in the dining room.
Thank you for saving this lovely boy! Beth (and Donald, who loved Cole at first sight!)