guess Chipper is a keeper. We were not home 30mins with Chipper and my husband had the dog on his lap. My husband has fallen head over heels in love with Chipper. He takes him  just about everywhere with him. He has more toys than he knows what to do with. I get a call almost daily from Preston telling me something cute Chipper has done. Chipper has been to the Vet. No problem there. He has received his heartworm medication and flea application. Chipper doesn’t like the cold so he now has a few items of clothing to help him with cold. Potty training has been bit slower, but Preston has him on schedule, heaven help me if I don’t keep to it. 🙂 I must admit Chipper is a really smart dog and he very well manner. The real test for him was over the Thanksgiving holiday. He met the grandchildren. he never bark, growl or bit them.The only time we hear Chipper barking is when he wants out of his crate or to get our attention.  He did have a wonderful time running and playing. I tried to keep him in his crate while they were over, but the whole family said I was being cruel. So our 14 year old granddaughter kept him on her lap allot. Preston has sign him up for puppy classes at nearby Petco. I wanted to sent him to Canine College, but Preston said no. he wasn’t doing without our dog for 2 weeks.

I want to say thank you very much,

Juanita and Preston