Everything is going great with Riley! He is such a great dog, and we are so happy to have him as part of our family!  He seems to be adjusting to our routine nicely.  

He has so much fun in the snow – we haven’t had any more since Monday, however it is supposed to snow a few inches tonight.  He’ll be happy to roll around and play in fresh snow!   Every day we go for a long walk at 6 am and again around 8 pm, and he doesn’t seem to bothered at all by the cold. 

Last night, he met my sister-in-law’s German Shepherd – who is about 80 lbs!   It was fun watching them interact, especially with the size difference.  We spend a lot of time with their family, so we were hoping that they’d get along.  It looks promising… 
We had a good vet visit on Monday night.  He is all up to date on his shots. He weighed in at 52.6 lbs, so he definitely has grown. Our vet estimated that he is 9 months old, and will be “filling out” a bit more.  Overall, though, he is very healthy and well adjusted.  Everywhere we go, people comment on how handsome he is. 
 He really is a special boy, and we just love him.  Thank you for seeing his potential as a great family pet, and for giving him a chance! 
Take care, 

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  • William Kaelin

    Am looking for a English Springer spanial to replace one that just died. Currently I am in my winter home in Vermont but spend 6 months out at end of Long Island.