Jolene and I and Daphne (we changed it from Deb but kept the D, of course) are
doing quite well. It’s hard to believe she’s been with us, what, ten
months or so now? It was definitely tough at first after what
happened, but Jolene and I are so glad we adopted Daphne–neither of
us could imagine life without her. Daphne keeps Jolene company during
the day while she works from home, she goes running with me, and, more
than anything, she loves to go for rides in the car–esp in the
summer, when she can stick her nose out the window.

At some point, we would like to get her a puppy friend, so that she
has someone to run around with out back when we’re busy or working.
The thing is, we have really fallen in love with this breed (even
though every dog is different, I’m sure). I’ll bet you don’t see too
many flat coats or flat-coat mixes, but who knows, right? If one does
turn up, we’d love to know.

Anyway, hope all is well with you and the rest of the folks at
petmatchmaker. Have a merry Christmas!
Chris, Jolene & Daphne