Wendy (now Lily)

Wendy (now known as Lily!) is adjusting just fine.  She is timid – she still runs into her crate whenever she hears my husband, even though he has made an effort to speak quietly to her and be calm around her.  She is getting used to all the commotion that a house with 4 kids offers, and she is doing well.  They all love her. She is coming out of her shell.  She is getting “protective” of us – she barks when someone comes to the door now.  She can still be stubborn – typically when we are trying to get her out of her crate to go for a walk (this is still part of the adjusting).  At times when we want her to come in she will pull on the leash, but we are learning how to point her in the right direction, give her a gentle nudge from behind and she seems to get the message.  She actually slipped off the leash/collar a few times but she came right to us.  I think she was as surprised as we were!  We tried a harness collar, but she ended up chewing through it (she does like to chew everything in sight!) We visited our local vet and she told us her collar was too loose, so after making adjustments it seems to be working OK.    She is learning simple commands and is having fun playing with the kids!  I have started taking her for rides in the car to get more socialized.  She isn’t really thrilled yet, but she is getting used to it.  (Plus, who knows what dropped-food-opportunities await in the car!)