I’ll have Nora for one month tomorrow
She is make such beautiful progress – slow but beautiful
What a little love she is and she’s gotten so tall – all legs

Every morning she jumps up & places her front paws on my bed & licks me
for 10 minutes until the other bigger dogs take her place
She is so cute

She is still so timid but no longer shakes like when I first brought her
home. She eats very well & is finally playing with the other dogs
The other day she found a peach pit in the yard and ran around tossing
it up in the air and playing with it all by herself.

I still haven’t gotten her to take any food treats from my hand but
she’s starting to get more brazen when I’m giving treats to the others.

I hope someday she’ll come around & be totally like the others.

Just thought you might like to know.