Major has become a true member of our family.  It’s hard to believe that we’ve only had him two weeks. 
He runs around with him every morning for at least an hour and they both love it.  Comet is a bit pudgy so Major likes to do a “Mad Scat” around him, I’m sure he’s saying “nah nah you can’t catch me!”.
Major is doing happy dog things around the house like chasing his tail (now that it’s out from between his legs), barking at the mail man, hiding all of his toys and bones and generally being silly.  I actually returned the crate I had purchased, we’re able to leave him loose in the house when we’re out and I’m pretty sure he just sleeps.  He’s made some pretty cool discoveries:  they give biscuits at the drive up bank teller, ham at the local Dunkin Donuts and really good treats and the Pet Supply store!
Major’s ability to give in to his curiosity and not his fear is amazing and most of the credit for that should go to his foster mom, Kris.  You did a wonderful job helping him adjust to “the good life”. 
He is a wonderful companion and watches over every member of this family which is sweet and shows me that he’s happy here. 
Thank you all for the your part in joining Major with my family.  We are all very happy!

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  • Peggy Anderson

    I was Major’s foster mom in Tennessee. He was one of the best foster dogs I have ever had. I am SO very happy that he found the wonderful home he deserved. Thank you so much for taking him into your home and hearts!

    Peggy Anderson
    CPR Intake Coordinator & Foster