Question or Comment THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH for the joy of Luna!!!! She is really the best of the lot! She is very happy, inquisitive, smart, obedient,and full of energy. Not to mention the cutest thing ever. She loves her daily long walks, playing tug of war, Mr.Cow ( her favorite squeaky toy, chewing on her bones,snuggling, and meeting all the other dogs in the neighborhood. Everywhere I go people stop and stare and then rush up to play with her and love on her. She runs up to everyone, rolls on her back and wants a tummy rub!! We were really excited to get her, but obviously apprehensive as we are young and have never raised a puppy alone–but she has made it so easy–we can\’t even remember life without her! She is in doing phenomenal in puppy class and we are excited for the many days to come!!