Lakota (youtoo)

Hi,  Lakota (Youtoo) is thriving and very happy!  And, her human cargivers couldn’t be more pleased.  She is VERY smart.  Catching on very well with the potty training.  Yesterday, she went for a nice walk in the woods and running around on a soccer field.  This proved to be very tiring for her and she came home and crashed for 2 hours.  Like having a kid, I spent that time running around the house, cleaning, dusting, laundry, cooking, etc.

She is very social and everyone that comes across her says, ” She’s so cute” as she runs up to them.  This has made us think about the line in Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, “I’m cute, I’m cute”

She is not bothered by any loud noises, the vac. cleaner, blow dryers or police sirens.

At night, she goes to sleep in her crate with the id pod speaker on the bureau next to her playing Reiki music.

Her male owner has been told by her female owner to stop going to Critter Hutt (a local pet shop) and buying her more toys cause that is his new obsession.

The older cat is still not having any thing to do with her but hiss and the younger cat continues to baffle Lakota with her quickness for running around the house

Her first spa appt is Tomorrow! 


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  • Amy

    I have Yum Yum (renamed Luna) which is the sister to YouToo!!! Please e-mail me with pictures and I will do the same!! EVERYone absolutely loves her. She is the sweetest thing ever and doing really really well in pupp y kindergarten and has mastered potty-training! What kind of breed do you think these dogs are? We are almost 100% sure she is part corgi–we are pretty sure she is not part husky. Well please let me know. My email is