just a quick  note to tell you all how absolutely wonderful and ideal and perfect and lovely and handsome and sweet and funny and caring and perfect and polite and dear and perfect and adorable and loving and perfect this dog really is – cliff has taken a bit of time to warm up here, not to me so much as to some of the “others,” but with each passing day, he seems to realize that he isn’t getting shipped off and he settles in a bit more, becomes more playful, more relaxed, more secure, more alpha.
he sleeps on a rug in my room (where he has collected socks), and he does not move in the morning until  he hears my feet hit the floor…then he comes over and puts his head on my lap.  what a doll!  as for being territorial, he is that.  my beau was here, and cliff had no problem chewing his glasses into little bits – lens and all – it was all taken in good humor, of course – and he seems to take particular joy in mischievous acts of this kind.  he has a definite personality, very, very distinctive.  my 3-year old niece was here last weekend, and she crawled all over him – he just inched his way closer to me, but he never reacted poorly – just let her do it.
he is the DREAM DOG, and i am constantly stopped in public areas and asked about him as he is so handsome (i make sure that i walk him with the leash, of course), and to be honest, he doesn’t really need a leash – he stays right next to me – or runs ahead in the woods and right to me or right in the back of the car when i call.
i adore him (and coming from me, that is saying an awful lot)…thank you.
we all think he is fabulous!
best, phyllis