Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  And that is just from me, my kids cannot believe how much they love this dog.  It did not take long for Brady to come out of his shell.  He has become a member of our family very quickly.  He is doing great with the boys, he is getting quite frisky.  But is still very much a cuddle bug. Brady is doing very well with his house training, not an accident yet.  He is very good about going to the door and crying when he needs to go, of course during the day the boys have him outside playing.  He had a play date yesterday with my sister’s Black Lab, and they had the best time.  They were very affectionate and actually looked like twins.  The boys have mastered all your hard work to get him to sit.  He is giving his paw as well.  They are working on “lie down”, and he is quite smart(of course the treats help).    He is also responding to his name.  He no longer hides under the table, he prefers to be where all the action is.  He is also chasing the boys around the house, tail wagging.  So, the true puppy has come out, but as I said, he is very gentle and loves to give kisses.  We are really enjoying him so much.  

The Collins Family and Brady